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Micathel Boer Goat Stud - About us

Micathel is located in the highly regarded Central Western Slopes and Plains of New South Wales. It embraces a range of land types from cropping country where cereal hay and grain is grown, to both improved and native pasture grazing paddocks, as well as fertile self watering Lucerne flats. Average annual rainfall for the district is 600 mm, and temperature variance of -5 in winter to 40+ in summer.

Breeding Philosophy

Marie has spent her life judging, assessing and breeding livestock with an inherent 'eye' and instinct.

All animals within the stud must be fertile, feed efficient, functional, structurally correct and consistently perform above breed average with each new generation.

The stud aims to produce high quality does that are (when season allows) pasture raised, show good growth rates without continual supplementation, have high fertility, ease of kidding, above average kidding and weaning percentages, excellent milk production and udder structure and mothering capabilities.

Records have been kept since the studs inception and have been pivotal in developing the stud to where it sits today.

Bucks have also been selected for similar traits, with the addition of possessing an excellent temperament.

Micathel's home sires are often male siblings of animals awarded National Championship Broad ribbons, and these boys are not seen in the show ring. Marie believes the real proof of a Sire is in his progeny, and does generally not show her sires beyond yearling age as their progeny are by then proving themselves.

​Marie Barnes has been involved in agriculture all her life, lives for livestock and has devoted more than half her life to the development of Micathel Boer Goat Stud and the goat industry in general.

She has served on various breed society committees for a number of years, organised shows, field days, judging schools and breeders workshops with Australian and international experts, has traveled overseas as a goat expert and consultant, presented papers at international goat conferences and is a Level Three judge.

She is often approached by other breeders for sound breeding and goat management advice and has assisted many new breeders to find their feet in the industry - both knowledge wise and also in providing a strong genetic base. 

Micathel is certainly a stud with a proven history and a bright future.