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In 1991 Micathel purchased animals imported into Australia by ABS and began embryo transfer work as soon as the animals were released from quarantine in 1996. A major addition to the stud arrived in 2000 in the form of imported South African embryos, provided by Nico Botha, Pip Neiuwoldt and Braam Maritz.

These bloodlines remain in a herd built strong from within. 16 years of embryo transfer work where the strengths of the stud's elite were capitalized upon, stringent selection criteria and diligent record keeping of all functional traits has fixed a type that is now world renowned.

Micathel has the diversity within its own genetic base to continue improving with complete knowledge of nearly two decades of an animals origins, performance and quality. 

There has been careful use of a limited number of outside bucks to bring specific qualities to the stud over the years. 

The stud is unique in its knowledge of its genetics and ability to breed 'true to type' from one generation to the next without the confusion and less reliable results of a wide ranging and variable genetic base.